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Luther's Abduction

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A Play by the Comödienhaus Bad Liebenstein

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Performances 2019:

May 3 & May 4, 2019

Sept 27 & Sept 28, 2019

The abduction

The year is 1521: Martin Luther translates the New Testament into German. But how did this come about?

It has been four years since Martin Luther published his 95 theses. His ideas are gaining more and more followers, and proposals for changes to Church practice are developing into a reform movement for the whole of society. Pope and emperor see the power structure in danger – and impose a church ban and imperial rule on the "stubborn" dissenter. Luther is "outlawed" and has to fear for his life. His patron - Elector Friedrich the Wise - is planning a dramatic scene in the Thuringian Forest ...

The play

Experience a piece of world history in Bad Liebenstein in an exciting production with over 30 participants. "Luther's abduction" in a humorous way spans the arc of historically and regionally significant places and events to a sparkling love story.

the kurtheater bad liebenstein

The KurTheater Bad Liebenstein was built in 1800 under the direction of Duke Georg I of Saxony-Meiningen as a multifunctional "Comödienhaus" and has 340 seats today.

The project

The production is financed by the town of Bad Liebenstein and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (ELER - Förderinitiative Ländliche Entwicklung in Thüringen) and supported by RAG Leader Wartburgregion e. V.

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